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Cheap Health Insurance for Students

If you want to lose your weight, you should become a student.

And this hard process is possible not only because it is quite nervous to pass the exams and it is quite hard to study, but because students are lack of money as usual. But your insurance agent won’t let you avoid the health insurance because it is compulsory in USA to have it. So cheap health insurance for student is that very staff of life every students looks for. We will help you!

Cheap Health Insurance for College Students

Cheap Health Insurance for College Students

It is not hard to get cheap health insurance for college students. Students as usual are a part of their school or college health insurance program. So the only thing that is necessary for you is just to know, if there’s any insurance plan of this kind in your school. Poor thing, if it is not, because from now your health insurance will be your own care – and probably, it will spin your head. But as the famous proverb says, the main task of every insurance agent is to frighten you and then to give you hope. So, there’s a time for hope – several ideas for college students to get cheap health care insurance policy!

  1. Health insurance for college students – its affordable variant – can be bought online at Marketplace. There you have to fill in application, write that you haven’t got any insurance policy and that the level of your income is under $10,000 per year. Thus you will automatically appear in the subsidized category and get as low rates as it is possible.
  2. Again, if you are a student, it means that you can get a deductible – return of your taxes because of your low income.
  3. If you are under 26, you needn’t get health insurance for students, you can become the part of your parent’s health insurance plan. For sure, it will save your funds.
  4. For students under 30, catastrophic health insurance plan is a good idea. Its monthly rates are inexpensive, so people with low income prefer to get it. The main advantage of this policy is its price. There are several disadvantages too. It presumes comparatively low coverage. You can get just the premium care according to this policy. Mostly it covers three preventive visits to your physician per year. If you need some serious medical help, you will pay it by yourself up to $2,000. The cost over this amount will be covered by the insurance company. So this plan is supposed for the worst health problems. It is suitable for young people, because they appear in hospital not so frequently and usually three visits to a doctor are enough for them.

If you choose this kind of insurance plan, you should know, that you can’t apply for the deductible in this case. It is of no importance, if you have low income or not – you will pay the premiums without discounts! Nevertheless this plan is cheap and worth your attention!

Here are the tips to find health insurance for students. They will be on purpose for students, who live and study in USA. But what if you are not the citizen of this country and have just come for your studying there. Is health insurance necessary for you?

Health Insurance for International Students

Health Insurance for International Students – When at Rome, Do as the Romans Do.

I am sure, you know this proverb and agree with it. Even if having health care insurance is not obligatory in your country, you should get your policy, if you come to study in USA. I understand, that it is very hard for the newcomer to find the appropriate health insurance plan. So health insurance for international students – three main variants of it – is described there.

Kinds of Health Insurance for International Students

There are three of them: student secure, atlas travel and global medical.

  1. Student Secure

Probably, it is the most widespread kind of health insurance for international students. This plan is international and that’s why students in USA and in most part of European countries can get it and feel safe. It is the sample of comprehensive insurance. The students must sign up the deal and make monthly payments accurately. This plan comes in four variants – Smart, Budget, Select and Elite. As you have understood from the names, the policies are varied by the amount of options and the sum of coverage you will finally get. If Smart variant presumes $200,000 of coverage, Budget will provide you for $250,000 of coverage, Select is $300,000 and Elite is $500,000. As you see, everyone can find the plan that suits the best his level of needs and income.

  1. Atlas Travel

This insurance plan is suitable for students and other travelers. You can get this policy, when you travel abroad on any purpose – it doesn’t matter, for long period or not. You can get your policy starting from 5 days and up to one year. For international students it is possible to get policy for 3 years.

Everything you need to order this policy and make this deal is to write an application and send it. Later you will get an answer and your policy. When you come to another country, you will receive the insurance card. In case, when you need consultation with any health care specialist, you can take this card with you. Using this card, your health care provider will fill in the bill that will be covered by your insurance company. This policy is comfortable, reliable and checked by the clients from different countries.

  1. Global Medical

This kind of insurance deal suits non only students in USA but also too many other people, who have come to spend vacations there or work there.

This health insurance plan has three levels of coverage – silver, gold and platinum. The levels are differ by the amount of coverage (silver is $1000, 000 per year; gold is $2000, 000 per year; platinum is $3000, 000 per year), but also by the available options. Thus all the levels cover preventive medical care, expanses for treatment from cancer. Gold and platinum levels also cover maternity expenses and travel safety level.

As you see, it is possible to be a student, local or international – and get the necessary medical care as well. Every college student has to find the best insurance plan for him to be sure that unexpected illness won’t prevent him from studying and won’t make a bankrupt from him. Value your health from youth!