Health Insurance for Pregnant Women!

Health Insurance for Pregnant Women

Did your Wife Become Pregnant? Apply for Pregnancy and Health Insurance!

Pregnancy for the woman is a God’s gift. Her pregnancy for the man is a check of sincerity of his feelings. I know that you are going to become a careful father and you remain a loving spouse. You wife has a hard period nowadays. Of course, she is very happy, but these nine months will be full of discomfort for her. Sometimes she can feel bad, sometimes she can be weak. It is the time for you to care about her. But every potential father is busy because he saves money for a new member of the family. Here’s the way out! Get pregnancy and health insurance.

Health Insurance for Pregnant Women – Privileges You Get

Every woman from 20 to 45 can become a mother. Some general health insurance policies cover this option. Some employers (especially if the office you work at is large enough) provide their female colleagues with this kind of insurance. In all the other cases it is a problem of a new mother and of her husband. Getting health insurance for pregnant women is not obligatory. But this kind of policy gives a woman a number of privileges.

  1. Usually the insurance company has a number of prestigious hospitals it deals with. If you get a policy in this company, you can choose the hospital you like.
  2. While you are pregnant, you feel weak. Your husband is not always able to attend the hospital with you if he is working. Thus no one can control the level of care you get from your doctor. As insurance company is not eager to pay you the coverage in case of a trouble, its agents usually control the work of medical personnel themselves.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the care you get, you can ask your insurance company to change your hospital. Insurance agent understands that if you like nine months of your pregnancy, you will tell about it to your friends, Thus you will recommend this company and bring another clients. If not – you also will tell about it and they can lose money. So they will do everything to please you and make medical care as good as possible.
  4. The next privilege a woman can get, if her husband buys health insurance for pregnant women, is a comfortable chamber. Everything you can dream of – TV, Internet connection, toilet – you can get if you discuss it with your agent in advance.

I know that you like the idea to get this service. The other problematic question is, “How much is it?”

The Best Insurance for Pregnant Women or Money Equivalent of Care

The Best Insurance for Pregnant Women or Money Equivalent of Care

How much does the love of the husband and his care cost? It is precious but modern business world knows only figures. Everyone wants to care about his spouse but not everyone has enough money in his wallet. But don’t get upset! Prices for “pregnant” policies are different and for sure, you can afford some of them and get best insurance for pregnant women.

The policy cost on conducting pregnancy strongly depends on technical equipment of medical institution you are going to attend. Certainly, prestigious clinics full of famous professors will cost your insurance company a pretty penny in case of a problem. Thus you will pay more every month if you want to visit this very clinic. But very often not so popular commonplace hospitals offer the same level of care and professionalism. Nevertheless you won’t pay too much. Are you sure that your pregnant wife needs all those analyses and expensive procedures? Sometimes the less care doesn’t mean worse. So you can save some money and visit your local clinic. The policy will cost you less.

The other factor that influences the price of insurance is a state of health of the woman. For example, if a pregnant woman has any kind of chronic illnesses, it can influence the price of the insurance policy. But if it will be necessary to treat them during pregnancy, insurance company will pay for it. Of course, you can pay less. In this case the problems caused by your chronic illness – if you had any – won’t be paid by the company and a pregnant woman will be treated in her own (or her husband’s) expense. By the way, insurance companies ask clients to fill in the medical questionnaire, and in certain cases, to bring extracts from the clinical record or even to pass medical tests. If there is a risk that your existing chronic disease will influence pregnancy development negatively, while signing the contract of insurance, the payment coefficient will be increased.

Pregnant Women Insurance – When is it Better to Get it?

Your wife’s pregnancy test is positive – and you start thinking about pregnant women insurance. Is it the right time? If your baby is planned and you hope that in several weeks or months your wife will be pregnant, you can claim for a policy. If you care about it in advance – it will cost you less. At the same time there’s a possibility that the pregnancy won’t take place and you simply lose your money. As usual these policies for “potential” pregnancy are valid during twelve months. If you plan a baby, you can get this policy. The possibility of a pregnancy is high if you stop using contraception and you will save money.

Another kind of policy is bought when a woman is already pregnant. It is possible to get insurance for the whole period of pregnancy or for some part of it (first trimester, second trimester or the third trimester and childbirth). If you have an opportunity, get the coverage for childbirth too. In case of Caesar action you will save a lot of money as it will cost you $2.000 in case your pregnant woman is not insured.

Of course, the more the health policy cost, the more services in it are approved. The policy can be bought since the beginning of pregnancy, then care about pregnant woman and childbirth is included completely there. It is also possible to get the policy only on childbirth. The most widespread program is a full conducting pregnancy (the service of gynecologist, analyses, and ultrasonography), delivery of the woman in a maternity hospital, childbirth (Caesarian including) and postnatal stay there.

Pregnancy Insurance – Additional Options

As you know, the wish of a pregnant woman is a law. Your wife may ask you for some additional options that also can be covered by pregnancy insurance. She can ask you to stay with her and see the moment your newborn baby will appear. If you both decided to choose this option, ask your insurance agent to add it to your policy. In this case you will get a private room, where you both and your doctor will stay and feel every minute of this magic process together. This moment will be special forever in your family history.