Missionary Insurance – Protection for Those, Who Protect the Others

Missionary Insurance Some people become missionaries and they need missionary insurance.

It is a real pleasure to live in democratic country, where every citizen can learn, work, get married and solve his conflicts in the court. But there are other countries, where the court is injustice, where there’s hunger, war and poverty. There are some people in USA who can’t live peacefully, when they know, the other people on our planet live under appalling conditions. These people become missionaries. They make trips to extremely poor countries, where medical science is neglected and violence takes place regularly. Such people need missionary insurance.

Definition of Missionary Insurance

Missionary insurance is the kind of insurance deal, when the missionary is protected against illness (exotic illnesses are included), injury or non-medical issues like lost luggage etc. Missionaries are usually taken to such countries as Mozambique, Turkey and many others. They are aliens in that country, so they meet some difficulties till they get accustomed. Missionaries are volunteers, who must do an important and difficult job. They are ready to help other people. But who will help themselves? To get the proper insurance plan is the best way out for those, who must stay far from home country. You may be out with your mission for a couple of days or for several years. In any case, you can get missionary insurance policy to be sure, you are cared well.

Missionary Insurance

Kinds of Missionary Insurance

Missionary insurance can include medical and non-medical issues. According to this mark, there are such kinds of missionary insurance as missionary health insurance and missionary travel insurance.

Missionary health insurance guarantees to the policy holders the coverage in such situations.

  1. Medical expenses in case of a sudden disease

To live in another country is always dangerous for your health. They have the other cuisine, various products you didn’t get used to and exotic infections. Even if you are a healthy person, you are not guaranteed from a sudden disease. You are a foreigner in that country, so your medical expenses will be extremely high, even in case your illness is trifling. Health insurance for missionaries will help you to avoid great bills.

  1. Hospital room coverage

Everything can happen, so it is possible, that you will need to stay in a hospital for a week or two. Some medical insurance policies for missionaries include this option. If you are in demand of hospitalization during your mission in another country, you can be sure, your bills will be covered.
Missionary Insurance

  1. Coverage of pre-existing conditions (optional)

For missionaries, who have some chronic disease, constant medical consultations are necessary. If you are a foreigner, the service of doctors and nurses in that country will cost you a pretty penny. If you have insured yourself in advance, you can be sure, that these expenses won’t ruin your budget.

  1. Maternity coverage (optional)

Sometimes female missionaries stay with their mission for several years in another country. Sometimes they become mothers in that country. To make the financial burden not so heavy, women can include the maternity option in their policy.

  1. Coverage in case of accidental injury

As usual missionaries stay abroad for a couple of months or even longer. Of course, injuries happen to any of us from time to time. It is possible to give an ankle a wrench or to break a leg – it is the question of some seconds. Insurance policies for missionaries protect them from injuries.

Missionary Insurance

  1. Coverage in case of terroristic act injury

The work of missionaries is dangerous. You come to a country, where poverty and violence is a normal thing. Unfortunately, terroristic acts are not excluded. Some insurance companies provide missionaries with such an option. They offer coverage in case of terroristic acts.

  1. Coverage for medical evacuation

If you get extremely ill and need to be taken home to get cured, expenses for medical evacuation will be paid by your insurer.

  1. Dental coverage (optional)

Not every insurance company includes dental care to their insurance policies. Of course, this option is necessary as toothache appears unexpectedly. So, take care in advance to include this kind of service in your policy.

Medical insurance for missionaries may include such options as health care for dependant people, who came with you (your child or wife), mortal expenses, repatriation and so forth.
Missionary Insurance

As for non-medical issues, a missionary can be insured from luggage lost, trip interruption or cancellation, political evacuation, insurance against natural disasters, protection from losing the documents.

Missionary insurance policies can be long term and short term. Short term missionary insurance is taken for a mission trip within a year. If you plan to stay abroad for more than a year with a missionary work, you can get long term insurance policy. It is also possible to get the policy for a year and then extend its action.

If you travel alone with your mission abroad, you should get individual medical insurance. If you plan a trip with four more people, you can ask for a group missionary insurance. The group insurance (starts from 5 members) as usual presumes some discounts. Thus, 10% discount is promised by most of insurance companies for groups of missionaries.

Missionary Insurance Plans

Most of insurance companies offer their own variants of insurance plans. It is up to you to choose, what plan you need. But there are the most wide spread insurance plans for missionaries that suit the demands of these people mostly. Here they are.

Disciple Missionary Medical
Missionary Insurance

This plan is offered by the company Seven Corners. The plan offers coverage for medical expenses and full coverage in case of terroristic acts. Political evacuation is the option that also can be activated. The plan is suitable for missionaries of all nations.

Unfortunately, this plan is supposed for healthy people. Pre-existing health conditions are not covered with this plan.

Global Mission Medical Insurance

This insurance plan supposes flexible medical coverage for missionaries and the members of their families. The plan can be taken by both, U.S. and non U.S. citizens. It can be taken for short (starting from 5 days) to long period of coverage (up to several years). Furlough coverage is also supposed by the plan. You can use this insurance plan worldwide.

Outreach Travel Medical Insurance

It is supposed for short term mission. The rates presumed by this plan are low enough and the deductible is affordable. It covers both medical and non-medical issues. If you get this plan, you will be able to choose the health care specialist by yourself and his work will be covered.

As you see, there are various kinds of missionary insurance deals, so everyone can find the insurance product he needs and stay protected.