Monsters of Insurance Business – Insurance Companies and the Way They Differ

the best insurance companies in USA

Do you remember the feeling, when you are little and stay in the supermarket among thousands of toys and can’t make a choice?

There are plenty of dolls in bright dresses, cars, huge teddy bears and sweet kittens and you want everything and understand that making the best deal is impossible in this situation. The same happens to me now, when I try to find the ideal insurance company. You can ask Google million times, what is the best insurance company in USA and get different answers. You can extort your best friend in a calm expensive restaurant, drinking a glass of pink champagne or martini.

But you can hardly find one unique answer, because the criterion of comparison may be different. You ask to advise you “the best” company, but what is the definition of “the best”?

We can make the list of top insurance companies, according to their price and according to the level of service they can provide. At the same time, cheap insurance companies are not always reliable, so we must find a compromise between the price and the quality. What companies in USA can offer it?

Insurance Companies – Do They Differ?

Top insurance companies are different and very often they are guided by a certain type of clients. Cheap insurance companies are chosen by young and inexpensive people, who don’t have enough savings yet and are ready to try something new. The largest insurance companies are preferred by solid middle-aged people, who have some money at their account, who understand the importance of protection and who are eager to invest some part of their funds to provide their beneficiaries for some amount of coverage. We will investigate major insurance companies and find out, what we liked and what disliked in their rates and the service – online and offline – that they can offer to potential clients.

Top Five or Looking for the Best Insurance Company

Major insurance companies in USA are American General, Banner, Genworth, Foresters and Metlife.

In general, these companies will offer to their clients different kinds of insurance policies. Are you looking for health insurance or life insurance? Do you need the policy for your car or do you want to find the insurance for your instant home? For sure, you can find the best offer if choose one of these companies. Let’s consider each of them separately.

Genworth insurance company

1. Genworth

Genworth as one of the largest insurance companies. This company is one of the monsters at the insurance market. Millions of clients, affordable rates and the guaranteed coverage in case of a disaster – you can get the policy from this company to receive all these advantages.

This company has no specialization and offers insurance policies in different areas, but it is known as a great life insurer first of all. Contact this company if you need life insurance and choose another one for your car insurance policy or home insurance policy.

Metlife insurance company

2. Metlife

Metlife occupies its place among top insurance companies and this place is well-deserved. It is one of major insurance companies, one of the most reliable and the most popular not only in USA but also in some European countries. It is not a newcomer in the area of insurance business and will be on purpose for military men and people with poor health. For those, who have diabetes (I type) it is one of the most desirable companies.

We liked this company in general, nevertheless, there’s something that we disliked. This company is quite expensive. Of course, quality is a costly thing and if the client dreams about cheap insurance companies, he will miss something in its quality. But still we are always interested to save a couple of dollars and in this case it will be quite problematic.

Foresters insurance company

3. Foresters

Foresters company has got the reputation of one of the cheapest and fastest service providers in the world of insurance business. In fact they are more suitable for getting life insurance, but other kinds of policies are also affordable here. They offer good quality for an average price and that’s why they are chosen by clients of different age groups and levels of income.

They can insure clients with serious illnesses and they are worth trusting. Some clients complain, that they don’t deal with people, who have diabetes (I type), it is considered as the only possible minus of this company.

Banner Life insurance company

4. Banner Life

Banner Life. If you are looking for the insurance company of your dream, stop here and visit Banner life. The world of insurance would look too empty and dim without its bright name. Do you have a serious illness? Do you have diabetes? In any case you can come here – and you will see, that a great service, attentiveness to every client and warm atmosphere is not something you can just dream about – it really exists.

High risky clients, people of 65 and more, young drivers – everyone can come here and get not only the necessary consultation and assistance, but also make the deal that will satisfy his greatest expectations.

If you like to look for the spots on the Sun, here’s the minus to your great satisfaction. This company has too long period of approval. Of course, this drawback is quite serious for one of the largest insurance companies, but for those, who are ready to wait, it is really the best choice.

American General insurance company

5. American General

American General. The least but not the last company in our top list. One of the greatest monsters in insurance business world. You can’t imagine insurance market in USA without this company. It is unique in the niche of life insurance business first of all, although the other kinds of insurance bargains are also offered to the clients. People with diabetes (II type) can easily find the best policy in spite of the serious illness they have. For those, who want to get term life insurance – you can choose 25 year policy (in comparison with other companies that offer only the policy for 10, 20 or 30 years). But this company has its weak points too. Clients of substandard category of health can be denied here.

As you see, here are the most popular names, the monsters of American insurance business. I am sure, you can add some names here too. Finally, the top list depends on the main criterion, according to which you judge about the company. If you choose price as the main criteria or the reliability – the names of best companies may be different.

So, choose the monster and be protected!