Scooter Insurance – Save Wisely!

How to get insurance policy for your vehicle and save money wisely? Let’s try to find out!

Scooter is one of tuppenny means of transport nowadays. Gas spending makes the head spinning around, and that’s why scooters become more and more popular on the territory of USA. Some riders use scooters to go to the countryside at weekends and the others use them to get to work. Yes, using scooter helps to retrench some money. But as any other transport, it demands to be insured. How to get insurance policy for your vehicle and save money wisely? Let’s try to find out!

Is Scooter Insurance Compulsory?

It is the first thing that is interesting to happy owners of scooters. Must I insure my scooter or can I ride it, being uninsured?

In fact, getting insurance for your fast and elegant transport is mandatory, so if you plan to get scooter and ride it here and there, include bills for insurance policy in your calculations.
Scooter Insurance

Scooter is the same kind of transport as any other vehicle. You become the participant of road traffic – you should be competent enough. Besides, if you are a scooter rider, it means, that you are not so safe during your trip. You have no airbags or seat belts and as a result you can be wounded easily – even if you are not at fault of the accident. A scooter is much easier to steal or to damage – on purpose or occasionally. You are forced to get insurance certificate for this transport means, as you have no right to ride without it. But if you are a conscious and knowledgeable driver, you should understand that to insure your scooter is desirable even without that force.

I know that many scooter owners have objections. They understand the use of insurance policy, but making monthly premiums sounds killing to them. How much is scooter insurance ? And how is it possible to make it inexpensive?

How Much is Scooter Insurance?
Scooter Insurance

“I need cheap scooter insurance. How to get it?” – this question is probably the top one, that is heard by insurance agents in every state of America. Drivers are forced to buy insurance and they dream to get the cheapest product, because they think about the only one thing – money saving. But remember that cheap shoes are not always a good idea for the distant road, as well as cheap scooter insurance is not a good idea for long-term protection.

But if you insist to spend minimum on insurance policy, you should know, that the minimal coverage that is allowed by law is liability coverage. Its lowest limit varies and every state defines it differently. Liability insurance presumes the payments to the third party in case if it were you, you have caused the accident. You should provide the driver of the other scooter or car with minimal amount for body injury and for wreck of his vehicle.

For example, in Kansas minimal scooter insurance cost is from $100 to $500 per year. In this case you will get minimum $25 000 of coverage for medical bills and car repair of the driver.

In Illinois your insurance company will pay $20 000 for the injured person in the other car and $20 000 to fix their vehicle. Here you will pay about $300 annually to insure your scooter.

As you see, scooter insurance cost is slightly different in USA, so you should consult your insurance agent, how much it will cost particularly in your region.

Scooter Insurance

The other factors, which may influence the cost of your scooter policy, are the model of the scooter, its capacity and age. Your driving habits and age are also will be important for your insurance agent. He will calculate the quotes for you, being based on these factors.

How to make your scooter insurance cost cheaper? It is hard to avoid an average level of payments, which is accepted in your state. You should have good driving reputation to apply for a lower rate. Don’t get too expensive model of scooter – it will be cheaper to insure it.

It is necessary to provide yourself and your scooter with the basic level of protection. Do you use your helmet while riding? Have you bought anti-theft equipment for your scooter? The more you do, to make your trips safer, the better rates you will get!

So, you have learnt what minimal coverage in your state is. But in most situations minimal coverage is not enough. It is desirable to get more!

What is Advisable to Insure?
Scooter Insurance

“I am not sufficiently financially protected with minimal liability coverage for my scooter” – if you are a mature driver, for sure, this thought will occur in your mind one day.

What other optional coverage is necessary to get for a reliable scooter driver?

Collision coverage is highly recommended. If minimal coverage presumes the repair of the other car or scooter, this one presumes the care take for your own scooter. Some models of scooters are quite expensive. But scooter is too small and unprotected in comparison with other vehicles on the road, so it can be broken easily and you will spend a lot to fix it again. If you get this type of coverage as an addition to basic coverage, demanded by the law, you can be sure, that your scooter will be restored after the accident and you won’t spend a cent for it.

The other, optional, but highly recommended type of coverage, which can be taken for scooter, is comprehensive coverage. In this way you will protect your scooter from theft and vandalism.

You can apply for quotes – and for sure, you will see, protection costs not so much. Still, there are scooter drivers, who don’t obey the law and avoid getting even the minimal level of coverage. What can they expect for this?

What is the Penalty for Uninsured Scooter Owners?
Scooter Insurance

Every time, when you take your scooter to the road, get the insurance card issued by your carrier with you! You can show it to the road cop any time, if he asks. If you have no document, that proves – you are insured, you can be persecuted for this!

If you are not able to show your insurance during a certain period of time (it is framed by the law in your state), your plates will be suspended. It means that you won’t be able to drive your scooter, till the period of suspension will be over (4 months as usual). After that the money fine will be taken from you. Later you will be forced to but an insurance policy – and your rates will be much higher, if you were suspended once.

To sum up, driving scooter is impossible without insurance policy. You can buy minimal coverage, presumed by the law. But if you really want to care about your transport means, you should get some optional coverage.

Ride your scooter and stay safe!
Scooter Insurance