Harley Davidson Insurance Cost from Racer to Cruiser!

Harley Davidson Insurance

Harley Davidson is not just a bike; it is the image and lifestyle of its owner.

This brand has 110 years of history, and till now this trade mark is popular among Americans and among riders from other countries. It is dangerously expensive; nevertheless lovers of fast ride buy it, spending on this brilliant handsome newcomer all their savings. No wonder, that getting insurance policy (that is obligatory in all states) becomes a great financial challenge to the proud possessors of Harleys. How to make Harley Davidson insurance as low rate as possible? Let’s look for an answer!

Why is Harley Davidson insurance so expensive?
Harley Davidson Insurance

Yes, Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance is pricy. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Harley Davidson is extremely popular and expensive. You have chosen this vehicle from many others for its beauty and good functionality. The name of the brand is so promoted, that children from the youngest years dream to buy their first Harley. No wonder, that this popular bike, luxurious and high-grade, is attractive for thieves and the envious, which can break it purposely! The possibility of theft and vandalism is so high, that the insurers appoint high rates to protect it!

  2. Harley Davidson is the favorite model for fast riders, and over speed is one of the most widespread reasons of motorcycle breakdowns. The risk to be involved in a crash is really high, and insurance agents react to it with high rates.

As you see, insurers have a right to sell policies for Harley Davidson riders at a high rate. But every owner of this luxe vehicle tries to make them lower.

Ways to Make it Cheaper
Harley Davidson Insurance

John, an experienced 35 year old rider has bought new CVO Harley and has to pay credit for it. Bob, 20 year old biker, has purchased second hand Sportster Harley, he paid cash for it. These two positions are unique and the rates will be calculated for every person individually. For sure, the knowledgeable insurance agent will consider every detail of the situation to quote the model of Harley Davidson and the personality of its owner and to appoint the rates for them.

But there are general rules, how it is possible to make Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance uncostly.

  1. There’s a great variety of models of Harleys – you can get everything from racer to cruiser. As you understand, racer will cost you much more to be insured as the possibility of car accident doubles in this case. So get cruiser to make the policy inexpensive.
  2. Harleys are as different as people, who own them. There are luxurious big-wheeled models that will cost you a pretty penny to insure and the others, baby models, which cost much less.

To save your money, you should get such models of Harley Davidson as Sportsler, Dyna, Softail. If you like to ride fast and money is of no importance for you, you can become an owner of V-Rod Harley, CVO Harley, Touring Harley and some others of this kind.
Harley Davidson Insurance

  1. Get pre-used models, tomake your insurance policy cheaper. New chromium-plated Harley Davidson is not affordable to anyone. To protect it with insurance policy will be pricy, no doubt! But if you get second hand model of Harley, the rates will be less expensive. It is easy to explain – the repair of the new vehicle will be costly and insurance agents rate new models higher than second hand ones.
  2. Your driving history is an important point to the insurer. Try to be accurate on the road, never drive drunk and obey the traffic rules – and you will be considered as not risky driver. For those, who apply several times a year and are involved in car accidents too often, insurance premiums will be high.

The other way to make your insurance policy for Harley Davidson cheaper is to choose the low level of coverage. There’s minimal coverage, which is allowed by the law in your state – usually it is the third party coverage. It means that you guarantee your paying ability to the third party driver and his passengers – paying for recovery in a hospital and vehicle repair.

Of course, the owners of new Harleys prefer to get additional coverage as collision one and comprehensive one – thus they will protect not only the other party vehicle, but their own Harley Davison too. But it will cost more – so if you are eager to save money, get minimal coverage. But pay attention to the fact that very often insurance companies offer discounts for the clients, who get several additional types of coverage, that are not obligatory, but desirable to have. So save wisely!

And finally, one more idea how to make your Harley Davison insurance cheaper – it is to increase your driving qualification. Training courses will be on purpose for you!
Harley Davidson Insurance

Training Courses

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation cares about all the participants of road traffic. They invite riders to visit their training course and pass the test after it. If you pass this test successfully, you can apply for lower rates. Thus every driver of Harley Davidson, who has attended training courses, can make the insurance policy cheaper. The courses are held all over USA, so you can visit them in any state. The driving level you have got there will be valid during three years – it is the period you can count on discounts for Harley Davidson insurance . Later you have to attend these courses again and to pass the exam to get discounts.

Other Options
Harley Davidson Insurance

There are some other additional options that can make the insurance policy much cheaper for Harley Davidson riders. They are used in some specific situations, but you can use them, if it is suitable for you.

If you ride your bike single mostly, you can get such additional option as “guest passenger”. In this case you will be rated less, because the possibility that the other person will be hurt in an accident with you is much lower.

Sometimes the discounts are offered by members of different motorcycle organizations like Harley Owners Group and others.

If you have good credit history and are accurate with your monthly payments, you can ask your insurer to decrease your premiums as you are financially responsible person.

Harley Davidson


As you see, getting Harley Davidson insurance is as expensive and time taking as getting the bike itself. But whatever model you choose – from racer to cruiser – you have plenty of possibilities to make your monthly premiums lower. The only thing you should do is to negotiate, to compare different offers and to be a careful and responsible driver, of course!