Low Cost Travel Insurance – Secrets Best Kept for Money Savers

Low Cost Travel Insurance

You may be a millionaire or all the money you have may be put into your wallet and it will remain extremely thin. You may be a rich person or not, money saving is not the question of necessity; it is the state of your mind.

That’s why the secrets of decreasing the cost of travel insurance are interesting to everyone. Remember that these secrets are best kept by insurance companies! But before you learn everything about getting lower rates, let’s consider, what an average price of travel insurance is.

How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost in Average?

Low cost insurance plans are a very changeable notion. If you are healthier, it will cost less. For elderly people rates can increase. To travel alone is more expensive than having a family trip. When we give you an average amount of the policy price, we speak about fortnight tour to some European country. You should travel alone and have standard health condition. You must be younger than 65. In this case you will get $5,000 of coverage for $300-$400 per month.

It is easy to estimate the cost of travel insurance, if you connect it with the price of your trip. Count 5% from the price of your tour – and you will get your rate.

How much does travel insurance cost?

The cheapest insurance plan is “Virgin Money”. It costs $150 per month and the coverage you get is $1,500. This plan has some drawbacks. It is too basic and won’t cover a lot. Besides you can get it, if you are younger than 65 and has no health conditions.

For all the others – secrets how to get cheap policy.

Secrets to Get Low Cost Insurance Plans

Secrets to Get Low Cost Insurance Plans

So how much is travel insurance? Much lower than you think, I am sure.

We have promised you the secrets – and here they are. Pay attention to these several points and you will see that you pay for your travel insurance more, because you are lack of information.

  1. Never get your travel insurance in tourists’ bureau.

Many tourists’ bureaus have insurance agents just in their offices. When you book a hotel, buy tickets and choose the restaurant, for sure, your travelling agent will advise you to insure the trip just there, in the office for you to save some time and to protect yourself during the trip. Never agree for it as the insurance policy, offered by travelling agent, will cost you much more than if you get it directly from an insurance company.

  1. Check up, what is covered by your health insurance policy.

I am sure that your health insurance policy covers the medical assistance in America, so you needn’t to choose medical option in your travelling policy, just get urgent medical evacuation. Home insurance policy very often covers the valuable things you have even if you take them away from home. Phone insurance policy will for sure protect your IPad. Learn all the details of policies that you have already bought, it will help you to get lower cost of travel insurance.

  1. How much is travel insurance? It is much cheaper if you get annual travel insurance. This option is suitable for active travelers, who spend most part of the year, exploring different places of our planet. If you travel three times a year or more, getting multi trip insurance policy will be a budget decision in your situation.
  2. Travel around Europe.

I understand that this advice is not suitable for everyone. Very often we don’t choose the country, where we go, if it is business trip. And of course, we can choose any of North or South America or African countries, if we were dreaming to visit them. But you should know that insurance policy is much lower for those, who travel in Europe.

It is interesting to know, that Turkey and Egypt are considered as European countries by most of insurance companies.

If you travel often and the geographical positions of your countries are various, you can get world wide insurance policy. Thus you will kill many hares with one gun in one time.

  1. Forget about low cost travelling insurance, if you have some chronic illness or are older than 65.

It is a pity to say so, but for clients with some health problems or who are considered as seniors (people after 65), it is very hard to get low rates. In fact, people of these categories are risky for insurance companies and they refuse to deal with such people or increase the rates for the policies. Some clients prefer to lie about their health condition to reduce the price of an insurance policy. If this thought has occurred in your mind, drive it away with a dirty broom. Travelling is always risky. Flight, cruise or long trip in the car – any of these factors may provoke heart or asthmatic attack. In this case you will pay for urgent medical help from your own pocket. It is much better, if you discuss this problem with your agent and he will offer some discounts for you.

  1. Exclude extreme kinds of sport from your policy if you are not fond of them.

As you understand, horse riding or mountain climbing is risky and to get travelling insurance policy will be much more expensive in this case. If you are sure, that you will never be tempted to any kind of extreme activity, you may exclude this option from your policy and make it inexpensive.

  1. By the way, try to understand your insurance needs properly.

It means that any of us is unique and that’s why insurance policies can’t be the same for different people. Don’t get more than it is necessary for you. Analyze your needs and go to the insurance comparison sites to calculate the best rates for you.

  1. Pay attention at the option of trip consolation.

This point is generally included in insurance policies. Nevertheless many insurance companies define the unexpected reasons of the delayed tour. Some clients prefer to get “any reason” of trip cancellation policy. This option is expensive enough. Think in advance before you get it.

I hope that these steps will help you to save money on your travelling insurance policy. Of course, one more idea to lower your expanses is to choose the insurance company with low rates. It is reasonable, but remember that too small rates are the sign of weakness of an insurance company or deception from its side. There’s no free lunch, if it is of the highest quality, you know. So save money but don’t forget to order necessary package of services at the same time!

So make reasonable decisions and enjoy your tour!