What Do You Need to Know about Phone Insurance Companies?

What Do You Need to Know about Phone Insurance Companies

Cell phones become extremely popular nowadays. Children get their first phone on the second birthday and don’t leave it even for a day since then.

It seems that our cell phones make human beings from us. If this small device has become so necessary to anybody, certainly, it is a good idea to insure it. Nowadays there are plenty of phone insurance companies. What company to choose?

Cell Phone Insurance Providers – Who is Worth Trusting?

Before we will speak about the list of leaders of phone insurance market, let’s consider exactly, why getting insurance policy for cell phone is so necessary.

First of all there are really expensive models of phones that cost too much and can be broken or lost easily. In this case the customer prefers to get an appropriate insurance plan to protect his device.

There are different packages of services with minimal and maximum amount of options. The minimal coverage (and minimal rates) is supposed for those, who insure their phones from damage only.

But clients, who have bought Tmobile phones or Samsung phones, can be afraid of not only damage, but also from steal or loss of their devices. So, getting an insurance plan becomes a must have for every phone owner. Let’s learn, what cell phone insurance providers are popular now in USA and what companies can be trusted.

The largest cell phone insurance providers in USA are Tmobile, SquareTrade, Asurion and some others.

Phone Insurance Companies Tmobile

Tmobile phone insurance

Tmobile is one of the largest phone manufacturers in USA. Its models of phones are chosen by people in USA and all over the world. When you get the cell phone from this company, you are advised to get an insurance policy for your device. It is not expensive – about $9 per month during a year.

This insurance policy offers the coverage for damage of phone, its theft or loss. Although the company itself is very popular and chosen by men and women, very often, its insurance service is not so great. There are a lot of negative reviews in the Internet, and the clients tell, that they get miserable coverage in case of a disaster and have to add too much money in order to recover or to replace the damaged (stolen) device. So Tmobile phone insurance is not the best decision.

Phone Insurance Companies SquareTrade

SquareTrade Phone Insurance

The main office of the company is situated in San Francisco. Every day 200 of workers come there and create insurance plans for cell phone, IPhones, IPads, laptops and other electronic devices. They have several variants of an insurance plan for your phone – 1 year plan, 2 year plan and 3 year plan. The last plan you can get for $600. The company is really reliable and plenty of positive online reviews from customers can prove it. SquareTrade Phone Insurance has offices not only in USA but also in London and many other large European cities.

Squaretrade iphone insurance

In fact your cell phone has a year of warranty and I am sure, that if your device will be somehow damaged, it will be repaired by the warranty police. At the same time if some other kind of mishap will happen to it (like someone will steal it or you will forget it in a taxi) you can claim for the overage and get it! Many successful stories from other customers prove this fact!

phone insurance companies Asurion

Asurion Phone Insurance

It is the remarkable name in the area of phone insurance, so I am sure that you have heard it earlier. This company insures not only cell phones or smart phones but also other home electronic devices.

This company provides their clients with a number of advantages, that’s why it is one of the most successful companies in the area of phone insurance.

Thus the clients of Asurion Phone Insurance can count on fast service (within 5 business days). You can visit the insurance agent of Asurion in the office of the company or contact him online. Online service is highly developed in this company, so 24 hours a day you can chat with the representative of the company online and find the best insurance plan for your device.

Asurion Phone Insurance protection includes

As for reviews, many people write about their positive opinion of the company and its assistance in case of a disaster. Thus many phones were repaired (by the cost of the company), some of the models were replaced and it didn’t take too much time to wait for the coverage.

As you see, here are the most popular phone insurance companies. These are the brightest names, but their rates are quite high. For the clients that can’t pay too much every month there are some other, not so popular, but still reliable insurance service providers. They are Esurance, i-Digital and others.

Of course, it is a personal decision, what company to choose, and it depends on many various factors such as your paying ability, your lifestyle and dangers that you can meet during your everyday life.

In any case, before making the final decision, give to yourself the answers to such main questions as:

  1. Can you provide your phone for enough protection from theft?
  2. Do you need water damage to be covered?
  3. What do you think about scratches on the screen of phone? Do they happen often in your life?
  4. Do you need a replacement of phone if you have lost yours?
  5. Are you accurate enough with your devices?
  6. How much money of coverage do you suppose to get?

The answers to these questions will help you to choose the necessary insurance company. Choose the insurance plan, where the main disasters, you can meet, are covered. Thus, if you leave your phone in the office or in the café, it is good, if you get the coverage of the device if it was stolen.

In fact, many clients are in doubt, if it is necessary to get cell phone insurance. This device is not so expensive and many of us are ready to get a new cell phone every two years or even more often.

It depends on the price of the cell phone you have and your level of income.

I know that many clients of cell insurance companies were disappointed by their deals. I have read million of negative reviews, where people told about too low coverage (but the rates they have paid were high enough), too long period of approval or replacing of their devices by less expensive models.

Before making the insurance deal, it is necessary to study all the points and to discuss them with the agent and only then to get insurance protection for your cell phone or Smartphone.