Pet Insurance for Parrots

Pet Insurance for Parrots
It seems that
pet insurance for parrots is not a necessity for an average office worker, but a whim of some movie star. But the statistics shows different.

“Who will care about parrot insurance if we have cars, houses and cell phones, that need to be protected in the first place?” asks the friend of mine, drinking her morning coffee.

It sounds quite odd and it seems that pet insurance for parrots is not a necessity for an average office worker, but a whim of some movie star.

But the statistics shows that most of parrot owners prefer to get policy for their favorites nowadays. Mostly pet insurers live in big cities, but some percent of pet policyholders are from small villages and local towns. Of course, parrot pet insurance is not so popular, this kind of a pet is considered as an exotic and it is not an easy deal to insure it. If you think, that to insure your parrot you should just call the pet insurance agent and pay some amount of money, you are mistaken. Most part of pet insurance companies don’t deal with parrots at all, so to get the policy for your talking friend is not the question of your desire only, you should convince your insurance agent, that your parrot is worth to be insured.

Pet Insurance for Parrots

Is your Parrot Certificated?

If you plan to get the parrot, it is better if you buy it from a specialized shop or from the parrot breeder. In this case to insure your bird will be much easier. First of all, you will know about the bloodline of your parrot, thus you can predict, if it has any congestive illnesses, besides usually the parrot breeders will give you necessary recommendations as for its nutrition and care. Finally, the species from specialized shops are usually micro chipped and so you can be sure, in case, if your parrot flies away from you, it will be easier to catch it. Parrots from breeders have certifications, where their bloodline is defined, besides the price of the bird is written there too, so it will be easier for the insurance agent to calculate the amount of coverage for the bird. Certificated parrots are preferred to be insured.

What Peculiarities of Parrots Are Necessary to Keep in Mind to Insure them?
Pet Insurance for Parrots

Parrots have some peculiarities that must be kept in mind to insure them.

  1. They are very fast and it is easy for a parrot to fly away from its owner. So your bird for sure must be micro chipped and besides you should insure it from loss. In case if it flies away from you, insurance company will help you to find it, using ads and with the help of micro chip. And in case your parrot will disappear for 2 weeks or more, you can apply for compensation of its market price.
  2. Parrots live for long – 40 years and more if they are cared in the right way, so as usual long term policies are chosen for them.
  3. Parrot pet insurance is considered as an exotic pet insurance, so deal with the companies that offer this option.
    Pet Insurance for Parrots

According to these peculiarities, you can get three kinds of parrot insurance plans, and the price of parrot insurance depends on the plan you have chosen.

What is the Price for Parrot Insurance?

There are three main kinds of parrot insurance plans. The first one presumes coverage only in case of loss of the bird, its death or theft. Parrots are small creatures and they cost quite a lot at the same time. It is an ideal pet to be stolen, as dogs and cats run much faster and can hurt the thief. But to take the cage with the parrot – what can be easier? That’s why to cover your bird from theft is the task number one for the parrot owner. Besides it is easy to lose the bird if it flies away, so accident only insurance policy is the basic insurance deal the parrot owner has to make.

The other kind of insurance plan includes not only accidental coverage, but also coverage in case of weather disaster, fire and accidental death.

And the last basic kind of policy presumes coverage for vet bills.Pet Insurance for Parrots

The average cost of parrot insurance per year is from $10 to $20 dollars. It depends upon the insurance plan you choose, the breed of the parrot you have bought and the number of options that you have included. Thus parrot owners may get the care about their parrot during trips or the care about it in case of an illness of its owner.

There are many breeds of parrots and of course, it influences the rate. One of the most interesting kinds of parrots is African Grey Parrot.

African Grey Parrot Insurance – Why is it Special?
African Grey Parrot

Why do we speak about this kind of parrots separately and don’t include it to the average parrot pet insurance?

This kind of a pet is extremely intelligent and that’s why it is very popular among parrot owners. There are two kinds of African Grey parrots – Congo Grey and Tinmeh Grey. The first one is more often chosen as a pet.

African parrots have the mental ability of a small child. They are extremely communicative and that’s why people like to choose them as pets.

If you have made up your mind to buy African Grey parrot, you should take into consideration, that getting insurance policy is necessary too.

These birds can live 50 years and more in your house, but only in case if you care about them in the right way. Visits to the vet must be put on a schedule, as parrots demand special nutrition and regular exercise. Besides they need vitamin complexes and communication at least three hours per day. Thus you can spend about $3,000 annually for your bird or get African Grey parrot insurance .
African Grey Parrot

According to the stats, African Grey suffers from two main health problems. The first one is aspergillosis – the infection that affects the lungs – and Teflon intoxication. So if you have pans or any other objects at home, covered with Teflon, you should get rid of them in order to keep your African Grey healthy.

As for African Grey insurance cost, as any other exotic animal insurance, it presumes different levels of coverage. In average, to get $2,500 of coverage for vet bills, you should spend about $200 per year on parrot insurance policy.

It is up you to decide, what kind of insurance plan to choose, but make sure, that your coverage for African parrot includes such necessary options as theft coverage, accidental death coverage and weather disaster coverage.

So, getting a parrot as a pet is a good idea, as these birds are very communicative. It is interesting for both, adults and children, to have a parrot at home. But it demands a lot of efforts from his owner to care about it, as it demands a lot from the young parents to care about their infant. In this case getting insurance policy is a must have to make that care professional and not expensive at the same time!

Parrots can live for long and make your life much better, just provide it with the necessary life conditions!