Life Insurance is not for you! These Statistics Can Change your Opinion!

Life Insurance is not for you! These Statistics Can Change your Opinion!

I know that you hate the idea to get life insurance. You have a lot of objections. Getting life insurance policy is pricy, my family lives from hand to mouth, so we don’t purchase it, I am too young to think about death, my health is strong enough and I visit a sports club… People hope that that they can’t die. Of course, every person knows theoretically that one day his heart stops its beating, his eyes will lose their color and his house will remain empty. But we think about this day like about something very instant and unreal. I don’t ask you to imagine your funeral; I just insist that you should think about future. To make your future years more comfortable, it is better to start working today – to make some investments. Forget about the following ideas. Never return to these thoughts again and you can hope for a better “tomorrow”.


  1. Forget about your youth. Life is changeable and every minute can happen absolutely everything starting from a natural disaster and ending with a car accident.
  2. Forget that you can’t pay monthly premiums. In fact every average worker can afford getting life insurance policy. This amount won’t ruin your budget, it is quite small.
  3. Forget about visiting restaurants and night clubs every weekend. Are you sure that several hours in the club are so necessary as your love for your children and spouse? They rely on you and your salary and what if one day they will lose your monthly income?
  4. Forget that life insurance is of no use. It is not a question of monthly payments. It is the question of guarantee. In fact, life insurance policy is an investment. Later you or your children will get the money you have kept for them. Isn’t it better than spending great sums of money on food or wine?

If these facts didn’t persuade you and you still hesitate, let’s study the statistics.

Death is a Thief

Every person knows from the earliest years that death is a disaster, a sorrow, or suffer. But have you ever thought that death is a thief? After all, it takes not just a native person from your family (or is it human creature you yourself?), it steals money from the bank account of your family.

The statistics is the following.

  1. The cost of an average funeral is $7,000 – $8,000. The ceremony, the monument, the dinner after the ceremony will cost a pretty penny. Usually this sad event happens suddenly and the necessary amount you take from your savings. What will your family refuse from? Repair work in their house? The year in the college for your child? Or something else? Isn’t it better to get the coverage from the insurance company for this day?
  2. Every year in the college is pricy. It is about $30,000. If your child didn’t win the scholarship or didn’t receive any grant, then you have to pay this sum of money from your pocket. In case you have this kind of coverage you can sleep well in the direct and indirect sense. Your son or daughter will get their bachelor degree once.
  3. The payments for mortgage start from $700-$1,000 per months. If death stole the supporter from the family, it has also stolen $4,000-$5,000 of his salary per month. Who will pay the mortgage? The same happens if your family has a car loan and any other kinds of loans and credits.

So, death is a thief and it steals money from the bank account of your family. You can’t get locks and call the police if this thief came to your house. But you can get life insurance policy to save your account.

How Much Does an Accident Cost?

Death is terrible and frightful. But it also has “a friend” – an accident. This fellow comes to your house unexpectedly and ruins your plans. It takes only a few minutes to break a leg or a hand. Try to remember, how many times such a disaster came to the families of your friends and relatives? Health is a delicate substance. Everything can influence it. One minute – and you have not just a pain in your leg or hand. You also have plenty of medical bills, several months of work disability and helplessness in your everyday life. Besides you don’t attend your office during a long period of the year. Thus you don’t get your salary.

To be precise, let’s study some facts from statistics. It cost about $2,000 to recover from a broken leg or a hand. An average operation will cost about $3.000 to the patient. Will you be able to find $2,000? At the same time, you won’t get your salary during the recovery period. Is it a good idea? Or is it better to look for a life belt?

Life Belt or What Can Save You?

No one can promise that he will save you from an accident. Nobody will give you the guarantee that you will never die or at least that you won’t die within several weeks. I understand that it is hard to think about your own death and funeral. But I am sure, getting a life insurance policy won’t make this day closer to you. If you have a family, you are responsible for them. I am sure, one day you have promised to your spouse that “Thick or thin, I will be near”. I know you can’t fulfill this promise absolutely as you have told. But you can show your love and care even from heaven, if you get an insurance policy.

Life comes more and more expensive. But term life insurance policy still remains cheap. I am sure, you can apply for it, if you refuse from one weekend at the restaurant per month. Isn’t it worth it? Besides remember, that you will never lose this money. It is an investment. When the term of your policy will come to an end, you can count on a certain amount of coverage even if you were not wounded during this period and remained alive.

To sum up, you can reconsider your decision that term life insurance is not for you. Don’t keep in your mind such stereotypes like “insurance policy is too expensive” or “my health is good enough” or “it is of no use”. These wrong ideas can do a lot of bad to you and the people you love. Don’t let such thieves like death or accident to take money that you have saved for your couple and children. Study the statistics to count that small monthly premiums are much less than the cost of a surgery or funeral. With life insurance policy you can be sure that the dreams of all the members of your family will come true.