What to Expect If I Gave False Details in my Application for Term Life Insurance?

False Details in Application for Term Life Insurance

The patient can’t be cured with the help of only one common sense. Money is also necessary. Health is a very delicate substance and can be spoiled easily. You may be a healthy person that very moment and in a few minutes hurt your leg or hand and become the patient of a local hospital. Costs for physician’s care and for preparations are high enough so the patient hopes his term life insurance will provide him for coverage. It can happen, if your application for term life insurance was filled in correctly. But what if it was not?

According to statistics many people give false details in their application forms. Of course, in this case your claim for coverage can be rejected. But still there are situation when you will be paid. It depends on the fact, if false details that you have given to your insurance agent were written on purpose or not.

False Details Unintentionally

Usually term life insurance lasts for a couple of years. It means that two years ago or so you have filled in your application form and gave that information about your health which you knew then. During these two years a lot can happen and some facts about your health may become invalid. Thus you can start smoking or drop this harmful habit, your blood pressure may be normalized if you started your sport workouts or on the contrary, it can become even more unstable if you started drinking more wine. If you forgot to tell about these changes to your insurance agent, it won’t influence the amount of your coverage. You have just to change the information, when the expiry date of your policy comes to an end and you have to prolong it.

Sometimes during the period of two years you discover that you have some serious illness as cancer or any other. It wasn’t your fault that you have not written about it in the application form. You still will have compensation from your insurance company. Besides you are free to make any decisions about the procedures you are recommended. Thus you can be advised to make a surgery but you refuse. Or on the contrary, you insist on being operated. Some people refuse from treatment at all – it is up to you to decide and in any case you will be paid. The duty of an insurance company is to support any of your decisions.

But the attitude towards the patient can be changed deeply if he or she gave false details about the state of the health on purpose.

False Details on Purpose

Fraud is vicious, but popular; so many clients of insurance companies lie about the state of their health. They think that if they “forget” to report any negative information about their health or a little bit “improve” it, it won’t do any harm to anybody. Is it so?

Of course the most intimate details about our health are known just to us. Very often we tell that “everything is ok” when feel headaches from time to time or the heart beats too quickly. These small things can be the initial symptoms of serious diseases, but we don’t tell about it. People do so because of several reasons. The first one is that they don’t want to have problems at their work because the state of the health is very important to teachers, sailors, electricians etc and they can easily lose the job if the state of their health became worse.

The next reason is because clients of insurance companies don’t want to pay more. Anyone knows that chronic diseases or any other serious diseases like cancer can make their policy extremely expensive. They can be aware of any illness they have and on purpose not to write about it.

What to expect in this case? If you are just applying for your life term insurance and your agent discovers that you lie, you simply will be rejected to get a policy. Or your agent will insist to fill in the form correctly and thus you will make higher payments every month.

In the other case, when your lie was discovered after you have signed a bargain and apply for coverage, you won’t get even a cent. By the way, in some cases people are prosecuted for this false information.

As you see, it is much better and reliable to fill in the application form correctly.

How to Fill in Application Form Correctly?

I am sure, you are not one of those people, who give wrong details purposely. Of course you want to fill in the application form correctly but just don’t know how to do it. Here are some tips.

  1. Read the application form of term life insurance several times. Make sure that you understand all the details of the form. If you don’t understand, what is asked from you, stop here, read one more time and apply for a consultation if it is necessary.
  2. Answer the questions about the state of your health heartedly. For sure, there will be some questions about your health in this form. I understand that it is personal information and it is your right not to discuss it. But you know that there are several people in your life you should never lie – your couple, your doctor and your lawyer. Insurance company is like all those three in one face. It will care about you as a wife, treat you as your doctor and protect you as your lawyer. So write everything about your health and tell the truth. After your answers you may be advised to take some medical tests. Don’t refuse to do it. Sometimes people get aware that they have some serious illnesses just after this examination. They start the treating process earlier and get better results. If they did it much later, it can be fatal.
  3. The other kind of questions that are present in the application form for term life insurance are about your income. If your salary is too low, you simply can become a bankrupt, while paying the bill for your insurance. Don’t lie in this case too. Sometimes you can be offered subsidies or discounts in order to support you.

To sum up, filling an application form is not so hard. You have to be careful and honest – first of all to yourself. Remember that lie has short legs and it never leads you to a good ending. Take some time to understand the form, to do necessary examination of your health and to count the amount of money you can spend on your term life insurance. You can spend some time, looking for appropriate health plan for you. In any case after the form filling, you will feel more protected and self-confident.