Health Condition. How Can It Affect Your Life Insurance Application?

Health Condition. How Can It Affect Your Life Insurance Application

To my opinion, the word “insurance” must be written with capital letters in the notepad of every person, who tries to be reasonable. If you think about your future, if you have dependants or at least have your old parents, insurance policy is a must have for you.

In fact insurance premiums are such a small victim, that saves families from accidents, which otherwise could ruin them completely. As for me, I dream to insure the moment of happiness, like Faust, who wanted to stop it. It is impossible to insure people’s happiness. Nevertheless we can insure people’s life.

Still there are people, who are afraid to knock on the door of the office of some insurance company. The reason is the condition of their health. Some of them have chronic diseases, smoke, have overweight or other health problems. Some of them are afraid to be rejected. And the others think, they will get extremely high rates because of the problems with their health. So what to do, if you have poor health and suffer from high blood pressure, anxiety or any other kind of chronic illness? Is it possible to purchase life insurance for a person with chronic health conditions?

Chronic Health Conditions – Real Problems and Imaginary Inconveniences

No doubt that every chronic disease or other health problem decreases the level of our life. It is better to care about your health and forget about all bad habits, eat good food and sleep at least 8 hours a day. But very often we can’t – or don’t want to be careful – and our health conditions become worse. Besides the condition of our health doesn’t always depend on us and that’s why we have many inconveniences that we don’t deserve.

But these imaginary inconveniences are nothing in comparison with real problems, that we get, when start applying for life insurance. Every insurance company considers a person with some chronic health conditions as high risk for their company and refuse to sign the deal. You may be rejected if you have one of these chronic health conditions.

  1. High blood pressure. I am sure, that you don’t consider this kind of chronic health conditions as too dangerous one. Nevertheless insurance companies reduce ranks of clients with this health problem. Insurance policy is signed for years and what seems to be an imaginary inconvenience in 30, turns into heart attacks and breakdowns in 50 or 60.
  2. Anxiety. More that 18% of Americans have this disorder. They worry about big and small problems all the time and don’t think, that this habit can reduce their rank for an insurance company. In fact constant feeling of anxiety leads to serious mental disorders like depression, nervous breakdowns and many others.
  3. Overweight. Is it so harmful, if eating becomes your hobby? In fact, overweight is considered as a serious risk by your insurance agent. Even if you feel good and look extremely happy in spite of ten or fifteen extra kilos, your insurance agent adds a solid sum of money to you annual premiums. It is explained by the fact, that overweight leads to many serious health illnesses like heart disorder, illnesses of joints and even diabetes.

As you see, these so widespread chronic health conditions may increase your monthly payments. The good news is that you can solve these problems – lose the weight, attend the psychotherapist or physician and improve the state of your health.

You can try to drop bad habits like smoking or drinking too much alcohol at weekends and save some money on our insurance policy.

It is much worse if you have serious health condition and can’t cope with them so easily.

Serious Health Condition – Lose Everything You Want but Never Lose Hope!

I know that we can solve a lot of problems – find another job, if we have lost the previous one, find another couple, if we got divorced. But there’s the thing that unsettles even the strongest people. It is serious health condition. But even in this case don’t lose your hope and apply for insurance policy!

Serious health condition may be temporary of chronic. To temporary serious health conditions belong injuries, illnesses, which demand bed rest, or pregnancy. These states of health lead to temporary disability but then the patient becomes completely healthy.

To chronic serious health condition belong serious illnesses that change the lifestyle of the person and can’t be completely cured. They are diabetes, tuberculoses, AIDS and many others. It is quite problematic to get life insurance policy if you have one of these illnesses. But at least you can try. Here are some tips for you.

How to Fill in Life Insurance Application, if You Have a Chronic Illness?

First of all, you have to know, that you shouldn’t lie to your insurance agent. You can’t get away with a lie and if your deception will be discovered, you will get a lot of problems with your insurance company (sometimes even the termination of your policy). So you should tell, if you have ever smoked or used drugs, if you have insomnia or high blood pressure. But still there are some tricks that can help you to avoid too high rates and are not forbidden by the law.


  1. Eight hours before you pass your medical exam, don’t drink coffee, strong tea, alcohol drinks. It will help you to normalize blood pressure and give you an opportunity to sleep well before the exam. You will look better and show the better results.
  2. Avoid heavy food before your exam for the same reason.
  3. Don’t do any kind of physical exercises – it also makes the pressure a little higher.
  4. Try to pass your medical exam earlier, when you are fresh and strong.
  5. Tell to an insurance agent about every good habit that you have. Have you given up smoking? Do you jog in the morning? Have you lost ten or more pounds? Even if you consider it as a nuisance, let your agent to know about it. It may help you to get the deal.

So, you have already passed the medical exam that was appointed by your insurance company. How to fill in the application?

  1. Prepare the whole package of medical documents that you have to add to your application.
  2. Write down your name and personal data.
  3. Write down the exact name of your disease and the medications and procedures that you must take because of this disease. Write everything exactly, the dosage and how often you must take it.
  4. Write about every positive change in your health (lost weight, dropped smoking etc)
  5. Write down the approximate amount of coverage that you expect to get (or to leave for your beneficiaries). Later your insurance agent will calculate the rate for you.
  6. Apply into different insurance companies and compare the rates they offer.
  7. Apply to insurance companies with lower rating. They are not so aggressive with their rejections and decreasing of ranks.

As you see, every problem has its solution. Even if you have chronic health condition, serious or not, you still have a right to live, to struggle and to insure your life as anyone else.