Smoking! What Will it Cost You When Comes to Life Insurance!

life insurance for smokers

“They tell that smoking is killing, but my cigarette has saved me so many times!” I’ve heard this phrase once from my smoking friend and asked him, what exactly he meant.

It occurred that in a minute of sorrow just one cigarette could improve his mood and get rid of stress. Nevertheless statistics shows other results. Smokers die approximately five years earlier than non-smokers. They more often suffer from lung cancer, mouth cavity cancer and liver cancer. Besides smokers twice more often have heart attacks and bronchitis.

Even if this information sounds too flimsy to you, still you should consider the idea to drop smoking, because it will save you quite a solid amount of money. First of all you will stop buying cigarettes every day. And finally you will get your life insurance policy for much lower rate.

Life Insurance for Smokers – Take a Risk! But Cautiously

Although the clients is the most important person in the office of every insurance company but purchasing life insurance for smokers still remain a very difficult task. And it is not a joke – it is proved in practice that smokers claim for their coverage much more often than those, who don’t have such a bad habit. That’s why smoking clients get higher rates (even twice higher sometimes). So don’t be afraid if your insurance agent will ask you million of questions about smoking. How often do you smoke? How many cigarettes do you smoke a day? Have you ever smoked? When did you smoke your last cigarette?

Actually, insurance agents are very strict in this question. It is interesting to know, that if you smoke not cigarettes, but pipes, cigars or even electronic cigarettes, you still are considered as smoker. If you smoke not every day, but only at weekends or even on holidays, still you are a smoker. You can get the non-smoking status only in case if you have dropped smoking a year ago and don’t plan to start again. Yes, smokers have higher rates when they insure their life. But what if you still hope to get cheap life insurance policy?

Cheap Life Insurance for Smokers – Is It a Myth?

In fact, yes, it is. If you are a smoker, you can’t count on low rates and the only way to decrease your premiums is to give up smoking. I know that it is simpler to say than to do, so let’s consider another idea. Although stop smoking may be the best gift that you make to yourself and your children, if you insist that you continue to start your day from coffee and a cigarette, let’s try to save some money.

  1. First of all, tell your agent exactly, how often you smoke. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes per day, your rates will be higher or even you can be rejected. If you smoke rarely (occasionally, just on holidays) you can find the company that is more loyal to such smokers and can give you non-smoking status.
  2. For a smoker it is much cheaper to get term life insurance than permanent life insurance. You can get affordable life insurance for smokers if the period of its validity is limited. Thus if you are thirty and you smoke, still you are supposed to live up to 78 years old in USA (and your non-smoking friends will live up to 84). But it is not hard to get a policy for 10 years in this case. It is much harder to get the whole life policy.
  3. You can count on getting affordable life insurance for smokers if in general your health condition is good enough. If you have no chronic illnesses and your blood pressure is normal. Otherwise, if you are a smoker and have plenty of other health disorders, forget about cheap insurance policy.

If you were impressed by this information and the only way out for you to get the lower rates is to lie, stop immediately! Your insurance agents will believe you and rely on your words, if you tell that you don’t smoke. Nevertheless, they check it up. Thus you will be asked to pass some tests.

Life Insurance Smoking Test or Drop Smoking Immediately!

Drop smoking immediately and you will never regret about it. Make finally this step and save some dollars for your beneficiaries. If you managed to keep from smoking 12 months or more – for sure, your insurance rates will be reduced. But before your insurance agent will do it, he will check up, if you really quitted this habit or just cheating on him. So, let’s speak about life insurance smoking test.

As usual there are two kinds of tests that show the level of nicotine in the blood of a smoker. They are urine test, saliva test or blood test. In fact it is not known exactly, how long nicotine remains in the urine or blood. Some specialists say that it is noticeable only within 72 hours. So if you manage to keep from smoking during 3-4 days, your medical tests won’t show it. The others insist that nicotine is left in the system for weeks and even a month without a cigarette can’t make your urine test clear.

As for blood tests, nicotine is noticeable during 5-7 days. So these tests will show the representatives from your insurance company more exactly, if you are a smoker or not.

Saliva tests are much more expensive and much more precise. They show the smoker during 10 days after his last puff of cigarette smoke.

The most accurate tests are hair tests. Although insurance companies offer this kind of test to the clients rarely as it is very expensive, the smoker’s hair will hand him over during more than 10 days.

To lie and to cover the smoking status is a widespread idea that occurs in mind of many smokers, especially of those, who touch the cigarette box rarely. It is not a good idea because even if you manage to deceive an insurance company and sign the deal as a non-smoker, still your agent can check this information and then cancel the contract, if he has proved that you smoke. Thus he can call to your physician and ask, if you smoke. Then he can check up your bills and find out that you buy cigarettes regularly. And finally, after the death of the insured person coroner can notice that the person used to smoke. In this case the coverage won’t be paid to beneficiaries, especially if the cause of death was so called smoking related.

So quit smoking, keep calm and get life insurance policy for lower rate – and you see, life is full of positive impressions, even without nicotine!