What is Phone Insurance?

What is Phone Insurance You can hardly find a person without a cell phone nowadays. Children from the first steps get their mother’s or father’s phone and play with it. Very often you can see the baby that can’t speak yet, but watches the screen of a phone with great interest. It means that a cell phone became a part of our everyday life. It can be cheap or expensive, new or “antediluvian”, bright, or black, or white…The variety of models is impressive but even if your phone costs a few dollars, I am sure, you don’t want to lose it. Phones became the parts of our personalities and that’s why insurance companies started to offer us to insure them. What should a modern user know about phone insurance?

In fact, phone insurance is a deal that is signed by two sides, the owner of the phone and the company. According to this deal, the client pays a certain amount of money for his device every month. In return of it, he gets compensation in case of damage, loss or theft of his phone. The size of this compensation and its form is discussed in advance. Some companies offer a certain amount of money as compensation, the others promise to replace the damaged or stolen device.

If you make up your mind to insure your cell phone, you need to study the terms of this deal carefully. In fact a bright brochure of the insurance company is not always the reflection of the contract that you are proposed to sign. Thus very often you can read in the advertizing brochure that you “will get the same phone in case of damage on the next day after the claim”. But if you study your deal carefully, you will see that “you can get the same model of phone (but its color can be different) in case of damage (if this damage is not the consequence of a natural wear of the device like display scratchers etc) the next day after your claim will be approved”. As you see, this process is not so colorful as it was described in the brochure. It means that you have to understand every term of your deal carefully before you sign it, if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Family Phone Plans in USA

Why does cell phone insurance become more and more popular nowadays?

Even several years ago phone insurance wasn’t popular. In fact a cell phone is not as precious as your car, house or jewelry, so insuring it was not the business of primary importance. Very often insurance companies didn’t include this service in their price lists at all or they preferred to sign corporate contracts on cell phones. But recently the situation has changed deeply. From year to year people get expensive models of phones. At the same time any cell phone is very easy to damage. Everyone can drop it into the toilet out of the pocket; can leave it on the sitting of the car or on a bar counter. Finally, it can be stolen by some teen, who needs money so extremely that he is ready to forget about the law and moral rules. Nowadays many insurance companies, large or small, are ready to offer to their clients various kinds of cell phone insurance. Quotes are different and sound very attractive, but they make monthly payments extremely big, so our task is to get the necessary coverage as cheap as possible.

A Few Words about Cheap Phone Insurance

Many of us agree that phone insurance is a good investment but hate the idea to make those monthly payments during the long period of time. It is easy to understand, because we have plenty of bills, that we can’t avoid, every month, so making one more payment seems too much for us. Many clients tell to their agents that they can get “cheap phone insurance”. How can we do that? First of all you have to analyze your way of life. What risks, described in the policy, are the most evident in your case? Thus, if you work in an office and spend the whole day in front of the computer screen, the probability of dropping it from some high building is really small. On the contrary, if you are a plumber, a builder or a sportsman, the risk of a mechanical damage of your device is much higher.

For lovers to visit bars and cafes, the probability of theft is quite high. For those, who travel a lot, it is desirable to insure their phone from disappearance of worldwide cover. If you need to get a cheap variant of insurance, choose the minimum number of quotes that are the most possible to happen in your life. The most widespread quotes are theft, loss or mechanical damage of the phone. In addition modern insurance companies offer such option as the damage of the device caused by insects, the replacement of damaged accessories (charger, battery etc), and the breakdown of a phone. You can choose some options and exclude the others, but remember that such thing as “free lunch” does not exist and try to get necessary options. It can make the price a little higher but will be on purpose for you in case of an incident. In general a standard cell phone insurance policy will cost you $5-$6 dollars per month.

Very often cheap policies are offered by new unknown companies. You can choose them as service providers but remember that risk of unfair work is much higher in this case. So try to know in advance, how many people have already chosen this company and if there are any cases of successful paying of the coverage to any of their clients.

The other way to make your insurance cheaper is to get it not only for one person but for a whole family. This policy usually costs cheaper.

A Few Words about Family Phone Plans

If you, your Mom and Dad, your spouse or your children are the users of modern cell phones, then you can claim for family phone plans. It is multi-planned insurance contract, which is signed by the insurance company and the members of a certain family. As usual, insurance family plans are offered to the family of 4 members. The main advantage of this tariff is its price. Thus a single policy will cost you $200 and the plan for a family of four will be only $160. As you see, it is a good idea to save some money and care about the members of your family in one time. Coming to the conclusion, phone insurance is a necessary thing in our modern life. It makes everyday life more comfortable. At the same time it has some cons and you have to decide yourself, whether you need it or not.