Pet Insurance for Dogs – The Fine Details for Dog Breeders!

Pet Insurance for Dogs

There’s only one kind of love in the world that can be bought for money. It is the love of our dogs.

Dog breeders understand this truth wholeheartedly and that’s why they don’t regret to spend some money for the healthiest puppy, then for his nutrition, training and different dog accessories. If you are one of these loving breeders, you should pick out a certain amount for dog insurance too.

What is the Purpose of Getting Dog Insurance?

“I don’t need to purchase dog insurance, it is just the waste of money. I’d better save some money at my bank account to pay to the vet in case of trouble!” – I hear it all the time.

The people, who say so, don’t understand the aim of getting dog insurance. You should keep in mind, that getting health insurance for dogs means saving really solid amount of money for unexpected accident or disease. We don’t speak about dental care or vaccination (although these option can also be covered with pet insurance), we speak about such serious illnesses like bone cancer (or any other kind of cancer), broken leg etc. In this situation you can spend thousands of dollars to help your dog. Just imagine that you have opened a saving account for your dog and in two month it got ill. You have just $500 at your account – and treatment costs thrice more. What will you do? You can get this huge amount from your pocket unexpectedly, get bank credit or simply leave your pet without the appropriate level of care. I am sure, you don’t like any of these way outs, so just get dog insurance in advance.

Pet Insurance for Dogs

The other argument, which I hear from breeders, is connected with the price of dog insurance. “I am ready to buy it, but I am not a rich person!”

People, who think so, probably, haven’t checked modern pet insurance plans. Insurance companies offer plenty of deductible and copay options that give an opportunity to dog owners of different levels of wealth to find the plan that suits their budget.

What is the Average Cost of Dog Insurance?
Pet Insurance for Dogs

Cheap pet insurance for dogs is not a myth, but I’d rather change this notion and say “ best pet insurance for dogs ” instead of it. Cheap is not always good and what we are looking for is the best ratio of cost and level of service.

There are three options that must be included in your dog insurance policy. The first one is, of course, health insurance for dogs . It is that necessary minimum, which must be bought by a reasonable dog breeder for his animal. Vaccination, routine care and treatment of some unexpected or chronic illness or injury are usually offered by any pet insurance company in USA. The prices are different – it depends on the company and its reputation, on the health condition of your dog and on the amount of deductible that you choose. In average cheap pet insurance for dogs costs $250 per year. It covers routine vet visits. If you look for not cheap, but best pet insurance for dogs, you should pay $550 per year and get not just routine help, but also unexpected surgery or treatment of some hereditary or chronic disease or any kind of severe illness.
Pet Insurance for Dogs

For the dog breeders, who are responsible not only for their pets, but also for other people, who are close to them, additional plan of pet insurance is offered. It is dog liability insurance.

If you check stats, you will see that about $4 million of Americans are bitten by dogs annually. Children are hurt twice more frequently, than adults. Every dog is potentially dangerous, even the smallest one, that’s why for a reliable dog breeder getting this kind of insurance is the question of honor. It is not expensive – from $100 to $200 per year. If you get this plan too, you can be sure, that if your dog causes an injury to someone, you are ready to cover it!

One more option, which can be included in your dog insurance plan, is the coverage in case of unexpected accident. Your dog can be injured; it can break its leg or simply ran out of you one day and disappear. All these sad events can be covered by your insurance plan if you get it. This kind of a plan costs from $200 to $500 annually.

As you see, you can get three kinds of coverage, mentioned above, or choose one of them, the most necessary for you. You can get only the daily routine care and that’s all or to get complex care from all kinds of injuries and illnesses and add dog liability coverage on top. You choose the way you protect your dog and people around you, being based on your paying ability, breed of your dog and the level of responsibility.

What is the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs?
Pet Insurance for Dogs

The best insurance for dogs is the plan, which suits your budget, bought from a reliable insurance company. As for companies – there are plenty of them, like Healthy Paws, PetPlan and many others, that can provide you and your pet with the best help for a fair price.

As for budget variant of plan – modern insurance companies offer to their customers different variations of policies and options to be included. So, to answer “ What is the best insurance for dogs especially for you?” is quite difficult. The rates and coverage should be calculated individually. So, call an independent insurance agent and discuss with him all details of your deal!

Can I Get Dog Insurance if It Used to Be Ill?
Pet Insurance for Dogs

Any of us know, that before getting dog health insurance, the pet must be examined thoroughly by the vet and then he will tell, if it is possible to get pet insurance in their company and what rate the owner should expect.

But it is possible to purchase dog insurance plan for animals, which used to have severe illness not long ago?

Some insurance companies exclude the coverage of severe chronic and hereditary illnesses. If you need the vast choice of illnesses to be insured from, you should discuss this problem in advance with your agent and choose the company, which suits your demands.

But keep in mind, that insurance company doesn’t cover the symptoms, which has existed before you’ve bought the policy! The medical conditions are covered only in case if they have occurred ten days after the start date of your insurance plan.

Will I Get Compensation if my Dog Dies?
Pet Insurance for Dogs

In case of dog’s death some companies offer the coverage for its cremation or burial. Sometimes you can make your dog sleep (if it is necessary) for the cost of the insurance company – but all these options must be included in your plan and they will influence the amount of premiums.

Compensation for the loss of animal is not offered by insurance companies very often. In fact, dogs have no economical value, so if you lose the pet, you can hardly expect any solid amount from your insurer. Some companies offer just the pay off in case of death or disappearance of some expensive breeds – it is the market price of a dog as usual.

So, think, what you need, choose the necessary protection and enjoy long and healthy life of your dog! Life, full of victories, adventures and positive emotions, which our pets always give to their owners!