Top 10 Pet Insurance Companies – Best Friends Deserve Fast Help!

Pet Insurance

But in fact pet insurance is a good choice for the owner of a dog or a cat with average level of wealth. Your favorite kitten or puppy becomes the member of your family

“To insure a pet? This service is affordable only for rich and famous people, who have plenty of money!” a friend of mine told me once. Yes, it seems too luxurious to insure a pet – we spend a lot on insurance for children and cars and that’s why to get this kind of policy means to ruin the budget for most people.

But in fact pet insurance is a good choice for the owner of a dog or a cat with average level of wealth. Your favorite kitten or puppy becomes the member of your family and you are ready to spend all the money you have in case of its physical disability. You call the vet and pay him money and beg to save your pet! Pet insurance is the guarantee that you will get that necessary amount of money in case of an emergency.


But where can the pet owner insure his darling? Our top list is here to assist you!

  1. Pet Premium
    Pet Premium

This company is comparatively new in the area of insurance business. It was founded in 2013 and since then a lot of cats, dogs and other pets were cared here.

First of all the company has different categories of policies. It offers health insurance for cats and dogs, liability insurance for dogs, insurance for unexpected incidents etc.

If you want to insure your darling here, you can contact the insurance agent online – this time saving option is affordable for the clients of the company. Then you can discuss the previous details of the transaction with him and then take your pet to the local office. There your cat or dog will be tested by the best vets and after you will know, what coverage can you count on and what rates to be expected. Insurance is not the only kind of service you can get there. Different recommendations from the vet as for breeding of your pet, its nutrition and behavior can be got from animal health care specialist to make your animal stronger and happier!

  1. Embrace Pet Insurance
    Embrace Pet Insurance

This company is one of the most popular in USA. Puppies and kittens, cats and dogs are welcomed here to be protected. Different kinds of insurance deals are offered to the clients and their owners here. The vets in the company will help you not just to recover your pet, if it becomes ill, but also to monitor its physical ability till your policy is valid.

Reimbursement coverage is also offered here in a package of service. The weak points of Embrace Pet Insurance are low remedy coverage in case of illness and too small amount of medical care coverage.

But 24/7 online support and fast reaction to client’s claims make this company a good choice!

  1. Trupanion

It has a great reputation on the whole territory of USA and Trupanion really deserves it! Pet oncology, arthritis, spinal disease all these serious pet health problems are covered by Trupanion. You won’t get the coverage for pet dental cleaning or vaccination – it deals with unexpected serious diseases, but the coverage that is possible to get here is really impressive. To cure pet cancer is expensive and you will get thousands of dollars for it.

Getting this insurance is strongly urged, because every pet becomes seriously ill sometimes – and you will get money to help it and some useful recommendations from the best vets, that are employed by the company. Trupanion is worth your trust!

  1. Healthy Paws
    Healthy Paws

This company is rated highly by its customers. Here it is possible to insure the wellness of your pet and the unexpected illness or incident.

The main advantage of this company is its rates. You can compare its rates with others, searching in net for hours – and you can hardly find better. Many dogs and cats owners in USA value the company for its fair coverage with no hidden exceptions.

The possibility to apply online is one more options that really attracts the customers – it saves a lot of time, that is precious to anyone, you know!
Healthy Paws

Professional vets, best health recommendations for pets, unlimited lifetime of coverage and flexible insurance plans make customers greatly satisfied with its service.

  1. 24 Pet Watch
    24 Pet Watch

The brand is quite popular in USA; it has both, positive and negative reviews. Pet health care protection, tips for pets’ nutrition and vaccination – this package of services is sold here. The positive point of 24 Pet Watch is the flexible discounts for clients of different levels of wealth. The agents of this company try to find the clue to any client and understand his personal needs and the needs of his pet.

One more interesting service that can be ordered here is to make your pet micro-chipped. It guarantees that you will find your pet in case if it is lost.

  1. Pet First
    Pet First

This pet insurance company is chosen by many pet owners in USA for its loyal attitude towards animals of all breeds and ages. You pet may be too old or have some hereditary kinds of illness – in any case it will be insured and helped here.

The company deals with such problems of dogs’ and cats’ health as chronic diseases, pet cancer, dental diseases and many others. No per incident limits, flexible discount and polite vets make you content with your choice.
Pet First

  1. PetPlan

PetPlan is highly recommended by its clients to the other pet owners. They deal with different kinds of serious chronic illnesses and hereditary diseases.PetPlan

The company offers royal discounts to custom clients and is ready to insure cats and dogs of different breeds and ages. Positive points here are unlimited lifetime policy and unlimited accidental policy.

Nevertheless the clients of the company were faced such problems as too long responding period for claims and lack of animal illnesses in the insurance plan. Thus, your pet can have some illness, that is not included into insurance policy and that’s why is not covered!

  1. Pets Best
    Pets Best

The company is valued not only by American clients, but also by other clients all over the world.

Don’t hesitate and take your pet for a long trip with you – the offices of the company are situated in every state and in every European country!

Highly developed heath care service, which offers to your animals not only standard health care procedures but also acupuncture cure makes this company unique.

As for weak points of the company, package of services is quite expensive here, but low deductible can really make some profit to the clients!

  1. VPI Pet
    VPI Pet

The headquarter of this company is based in California, but it is possible to find its offices everywhere in USA. Low deductible small amount of monthly premiums and no hidden percentage are the strong sides of this pet insurance dealer. VPI pet has enough health coverage plans for cats and dogs of different age groups. Strongly recommended to use!

  1. ASPCA

Professionals work here – and it is noticeable at first sight. The company offers wellness coverage and pre-accidental coverage to all pets and dogs, which live in USA. If you want to adopt a puppy or a kitten – you can get it here and insure it right there.

What can customers expect to get here? Full package of health care services, tips how to breed your favorite and great variety of policies. You can get any pet insurance plan here – long term and short term, with low rates or with higher rates – you can choose the plan according to your paying ability.

The only drawback that was mentioned by its customers is the low rank of reimbursements.

As you see, in USA there’s a wide choice of pet insurance companies that can help you to insure your pet, to protect it and provide with constant care about its physical and mental needs.